Do you focus on company branding while searching for qualified talents? However, it is also essential to create the best candidate experience to retain these talents. If your candidates get good experience, your brand will gain a reputation. Applicants start developing opinions of a business from the time they contact it. You can consider HR consulting services in Edmonton to produce a high candidate satisfaction level. HR consultants know how to refine the recruitment process and deliver the best candidate experience. 

What Does the Candidate Experience Signify?

The term ‘candidate experience’ refers to the applicant’s feelings throughout the recruitment process. Have you created the best experience during the interview? Have you been mindful of your candidates during their waiting period?

Interactions with a company start from the day the applicants submit their applications. Their feelings and experiences will affect how they perceive your brand. By creating positive impressions, you will gain a competitive advantage. You can convince the best candidates to work with your company. 

Significance Of Building a Positive Candidate Experience

It is essential to provide your job applicants with the best experience. 

More Positive Candidate Experience- Stronger Brand Reputation 

According to a survey, more than 65% of candidates share opposing views online. Most candidates browse Google to learn about a potential employer. It allows them to develop a good impression. Job applicants want to know about a company’s reputation before sending their job applications. 

That is why you should focus on creating a positive candidate experience. It will help you get positive feedback from potential employees or job applicants. You can analyze candidate reviews and learn about the experience of applicants. 

Win the Competition

Your competitors are constantly looking for top talents to run their businesses. Simultaneously, candidates seek better job opportunities to build a brighter future. As there are several job openings in the market, candidates have many options. So, you will face tight competition while searching for talent.

If your company shows a record of good candidate experience, you will be able to attract the right talents. Make candidates feel good about your company. You can connect with one of the best recruitment companies in Edmonton to develop a positive candidate experience.

Create a Good Talent Pipeline

Your current requirements may not match the skills of some candidates. However, these candidates may serve you better for your future openings. So, it is essential to include them in your talent pipelines. Even though they are not suitable for your current doors, it is necessary to give them a positive experience. 

If these candidates stay updated about your future job opportunities, they will send their applications in the coming years. So, you can rely on the HR consulting firms in Edmonton and Alberta to maintain communication with them and create a lasting impression. 

Tips For Creating a Seamless Candidate Journey

There are some ways to make your candidate journey smooth-

Ensure You Need to Hire New Candidates:

Disorganization often leads to negative candidate experience. So, the first step is to conduct a skills gap and detect the skills needed for your in-house team. You can understand whether you should hire new employees or train the existing ones.

Write a Proper Job Description:

Although many candidates know industry-related jargon, your job description should be written. Do not overuse words like ‘team player’ or ‘passionate.’

Your requirement list should be precise to prevent candidates from feeling distressed. HR specialists know how to create a proper structure for your job description.

Let candidates know about the title of the position for which they will send the application. They can learn about the growth opportunities if they choose your job offer. 

Make the Application Process Easier:

Your website should have a separate career page to make it accessible to potential job applicants. Candidates will feel grateful if they do not need to search for the career page to apply for the job.

Moreover, if the application instructions are lengthy and complicated, it will make candidates understand. It is better to complete the application process mobile-friendly.

Follow Up Early

Whether you want to reject a candidate or call for an interview, you should send an email within two days. Your prompt response will prevent the applicant from feeling annoyed. You can use your business email address to send the email. While creating the interview invitation email, you should add the candidate’s name to it. Besides, it is essential to interact with applicants during every step of the recruitment process. 

How Do HR Consultants in Edmonton at TalentCompass Prioritize Candidate Experience?

As one of the staffing firms in Edmonton, TalentCompass can make the candidate journey smooth and hassle-free. The professional HR consultants will develop awareness among candidates about the job vacancy. They use LinkedIn and other online portals to publish job details. HR specialists at TalentCompass ensure that the job description is clear, attractive, and understandable. 

They know the right strategies to rouse candidates’ interest in your company. By applying the employer branding principles, they want to provide the best candidate experience. As your company will gain a positive image, you can make your current employees feel proud. A strong employer brand is vital as applicants want to check the social profiles of potential employers. 

At TalentCompass, HR consultants in Edmonton are essential in processing incoming applications quickly and keeping applicants in the loop. So you will not lose the top candidates to competitors.                                                                                                        

Besides, HR experts manage the selection, employment, and onboarding steps of the recruitment process. 


Improving the candidate experience is the most significant step for attracting top candidates. You have to streamline the application and recruitment processes to make them candidate-friendly. HR consultants will help you save time and give the desired experience to applicants. They will communicate with candidates and get feedback from new employees. You will find it easy to employ the top talents in your company.